Peoples of Toronto! Community! Many businesses are open and ready to serve you. Please take advantage of all the great takeout food options available, especially Thu-Sun. You can order beer or wine with your food!

Also, grocery & convenience stores along Dundas Street West are open and well stocked. Bakeries are baking and there are coffee beans galore available! Many have been flexible and have new, unique offerings. Other essential services, like lawyers and accountants are also available by appointment, and even some boutiques are doing online sales. We have broken down take-out and delivery options for you.  In addition, you can check out our map for operational status of our many businesses HERE. Have an update?  Let us know:  416-540-6750.

Wine Bar Take-Out:
Paris Paris @parisparisbar
Midfield @midfieldwinebar
The Federal @thefed
SoSo Food Club @sosofoodclub

Restaurants with Take-Out/Delivery options (many are pre-orders):
Ossington Stop @ossington_stop
Ufficio @ufficiotoronto
Imanishi @imanishijapanesekitchen
Brasileirissimo Steakhouse @brasileirissimosteakhouse_
Mahjong Bar @mahjongbar
Sakai Bar @sakaibart
Antler @antlerkitchenbar
Uncle Mikey’s @unclemikeysinc
Remix Lounge @remixlounge
Hawk and Chick
Extra Burger @extraburgerto
The Mutt @themuttdundas
Bairrada @bairradachurrasqueira
Churrasqueirra do Sardinha 416-530-1777
Gayley’s 416-538-3443
First Choice Restaurant 416-588-3851
Yummy’s Pizza

Coffee, tea, sweets:
Loveless @thelovelesscafe
Run & Gun Coffee @runandguncoffee
Full of Beans @fullofbeansroastery
Tucana Coffee @tucana_coffee
Cygnet @cygnetcofee
Kitten & the Bear @kittenandthebear
Death in Venice @deathinvenicegelato

OMG Bakery @omgbakedgoodness
Nova Era
Caldense Bakery
Brazil Bakery

Grocery, convenience, butchers:
Unboxed Market @unboxedmarket
Brazil Direct @brazildirect
Fresh Fields @fffreshies
Peter’s No Frills @petersnofrills
Nosso Talho @nosso_dundas
Pavão @pavaomeats
Good Rebel Vegan @goodrebelvegan
Mac’s Cigar Store
Fairprice Convenience
Sun Milk
Amigo Convenience

If we missed anyone please get in touch and we will add you to the list and help promote your business in the times of covid. We will do more dedicated posts in the coming weeks. Thanks! @anabailaoto @dundaswestfest @cllrjoecressy @mikelaytonto

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