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Welcome to
Little Portugal Toronto BIA

Little Portugal Toronto BIA is a small business collective on Dundas Street West—from Lansdowne to Shaw, in the west end of downtown Toronto.

The combination of public murals, boutique stores, unique bars, great restaurants, music venues, professional services, art galleries, grocery and convenience stores make for a unique and culturally distinct community spirit.

Swing by and experience a sense of belonging, in the heart of Little Portugal.

What's New?

70 Anos Canada

Little Portugal Toronto BIA is proud to support a yearlong program to honour Portuguese Pioneers who first immigrated to Canada on May 13, 1953.

BIA Projects

Do West Fest 2022

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505 Dundas


29 Dufferin / 47 Lansdowne / 63 Ossington


5 Bike Share Terminals


Street & Green P Parking Available